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Slim Stick is an aid for weight loss, which gives a feeling of fullness and thus suppresses the appetite, so you feel full longer and therefore eat less. Slim Stick is supportive in the treatment of obesity and weight control. Slim Stick works as a stomach reduction, one stick in a glass of water, and take three times a day before meals. So you have can control hunger!
SlimSticks contain glucomannan. You might have heared about this substance which is added to foods and food supplements. But what does this really mean?
Glucomannan is a fiber from the Konjac plant that grows mainly in warm regions of Japan, China and Indonesia. This fiber is known for its health-promoting properties. The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has provided scientific evidence that it helps to lose weight and is good for cholesterol levels. Glucomannan has a very absorbing effect. The fibers are put off by drinking water. This gives you a full and satisfied feeling upto 4 hours after consuming a meal.

• tested EFSA (European Food Safety Authority)
• SlimStick is made from 100% natural ingredients and is free from preservatives -and dyes!
• + 10,000 satisfied customers have lost weight with Slim Sticks!
• Smart Sticks delivers within 24 hours!